Idiocracy - The Instrumentals

Idiocracy – The Instrumentals

Wildcalm Unleashes Instrumental Fury with “Idiocracy – The Instrumentals”

Acclaimed singer-songwriter Wildcalm is taking a detour from his usual lyric-driven anthems with the release of a brand new instrumental album, “Idiocracy – The Instrumentals.”

This exciting collection strips away the vocals from Wildcalm’s recent critically-adored album, “Idiocracy,” allowing the raw power and emotion of their music to shine through in a whole new way. Fans of Wildcalm will be familiar with the driving energy and infectious melodies that have become his trademark.

“Idiocracy – The Instrumentals” promises to deliver this same sonic experience but with a renewed focus on the underlying musicianship. Epic synths take centre stage, weaving intricate patterns with a rhythmic – anthemic – foundation.

This instrumental offering is a chance for listeners to appreciate the full depth of Wildcalm’s music.This instrumental collection is sure to appeal to fans across genres with synthwave, electrofolk and pop/rock colliding.

With “Idiocracy – The Instrumentals,” Wildcalm shows remarkable growth and boundless creativity. This instrumental album is a testament to their ability to captivate audiences with their songs, even without the vocals to accompany them.