Frostbite EP cover

Frostbite – winter is coming!

Wildcalm’s Winter Chill: A Collection to Cozy Up To

As the days shorten and the air turns crisp, Wildcalm offers a perfect soundtrack for the season with their aptly titled collection, “Frostbite.” This album transcends the typical holiday fare, instead capturing the full spectrum of emotions that winter evokes.

Sure, there are festive offerings to get you in the holiday spirit. “My Wish This Christmas” and “Brokenhearted Christmas” offer heartwarming messages, one brimming with joy and the other tinged with a touch of melancholy,ensuring there’s a song for every mood.

But “Frostbite” isn’t afraid to delve into the season’s darker side. Tracks like “Lost That Loving Feeling” evoke the isolation and loneliness that winter can sometimes bring. The title track, “Frostbite,” itself promises a shiver down your spine, both literally and metaphorically.

This collection is far from a one-note winter ballad. Wildcalm expertly blends frosty crackers with heartwarming melodies, ensuring “Frostbite” has a song to keep you company all season long, whether you’re curled up by the fireplace with a mug of hot cocoa or braving the elements on a snowy night. So put on your coziest sweater, crank up the volume,and let Wildcalm’s “Frostbite” be the soundtrack to your winter.