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Ghosts of the Past EP out now!

Hope you enjoy the new songs! They took on a slightly dark tone, but then turn the corner on the final track, ‘Into the light’. I appreciate the…

Trouble in Paradise

Available to stream or download from all the usual channels! Taken from the forthcoming album, Idicocracy. #idiocracy #troubleinparadise

Future Perfect merchandise and artistry

Artwork and merchandise available now!

No Time to Die – Video

My new video for No Time to Die now available to view on YouTube. Hope you like it!

Who’s loving me? Lyrics video


So, here’s me in block form

Future Perfect – available now

My first album is now available at CD booklet with lyrics and artwork included with download of the album.(If I told you about the hidden track,it wouldn’t…

The Cruellest Trick

Available now at

Wildcalm – ambigram

Thought I’d try to create an ambigram for ‘wildcalm’. An ambigram is a visual pun of a special kind: a calligraphic design having two or more (clear) interpretations as written…


Available now at