People are never just on thing or the other. There may be many things you’re interested in. I like lots of things, and life would be very dull if we could only follow one path, wouldn’t it?

However, the one thing that which seems to come through in all of this is a desire to create – to leave something of myself. Perhaps that’s a human trait or maybe it’s a particular characteristic. But the act of creating, and sharing the enjoyment that it bring with others, is rather exhilarating.

All too often you know it’s not perfect – and sometimes that striving for perfection is all-consuming – but you carry on regardless.

But there comes a point when you have to be brave and display what you’ve made. To say, this is a representation of what’s in my head. It’s not perfect, but neither am I.

Thank you for visiting. My name is Mark Steenson, I live in Northern Ireland. I’m looking forward to sharing some of my work with you.

I hope you’ll support me through the various channels I use to connect to the work.

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Keep it classy,