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Future Perfect – available now

My first album is now available at CD booklet with lyrics and artwork included with download of the album.(If I told you about the hidden track,it wouldn’t…

The Cruellest Trick

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Wildcalm – ambigram

Thought I’d try to create an ambigram for ‘wildcalm’. An ambigram is a visual pun of a special kind: a calligraphic design having two or more (clear) interpretations as written…


Available now at

No Time to Die

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Any Old Lovesong

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Aide memoire

One day you will be my aide memoire Once set aside now vital to recall Where fire burnt fervidly like blood red sun A light none but a…

Tanka: Broken

Old memories that linger though I wish them gone, like misery and tragedy – this hurting heart is made from broken pieces

Green Doors

In corridors, behind green doors the human race will slide away For all we know the ground beneath could shift us to another plane We can only hear…

Civil Disservice

The seed has fallen waywardly Amongst the sodden leaves That linger on these tombstones That time alone shall grieve The doors are all shut tight And the living…