Inside Out E.P. - cover artwork

Wildcalm Set to Release New E.P. “Inside Out” on June 21st

Singer-Songwriter continues a winning streak of releases with ‘Inside Out E.P.’

Belfast’s own singer-songwriter Wildcalm is gearing up to release his brand new EP, “Inside Out,” on June 21st. The four-track offering promises a deep dive into the artist’s world, showcasing his signature blend of raw emotion and catchy melodies.

You make me feel the way I never did, you turn my universe around…

Inside Out

The EP’s title track, “Inside Out”, sets the stage for a journey between love and despair.

“This Heart Won’t Stop for You” is already a fan favourite, delivering a powerful message wrapped in an infectious melody – ‘I’ve been looking for my freedom, the day when I move on.’

Later on the EP, “Nothing Lasts Forever” strikes a more contemplative, perhaps cautious tone. Be careful with affairs of the heart.

Wildcalm rounds out the project with a fresh take on a familiar tune. A new remix of his track “I See Love” wraps the track in a softer treatment, highlighting its balladry.

With the release of “Inside Out,” Wildcalm is just getting into his stride and attracting more listeners. Be sure to mark your calendars for June 21st and get ready for Wildcalm to love you ‘inside out’.