Civil Disservice

The seed has fallen waywardly
Amongst the sodden leaves
That linger on these tombstones
That time alone shall grieve
The doors are all shut tight
And the living set away
Closed off from the world
And the wondrous light of day
I do not want to die here
Amidst a dullard’s doubt
Giving up the ghost
When the hope has faded out
I soon want to be free of this
For nothing is more strain
Than knowing only numbness
And the most relentless drain
In everything that’s done
There is nothing ever clear
But everything is vital
Were it ever to appear
But they are apparitions
In these corridors of dread
Where men of broken promise walk
With solemn, hollowed head
They stumble on relentless
In their quest to be delayed
And gnaw like toothless lunatics
When challenged or dismayed
I’m counting out the restless days
Until my time is through
And I can make it free of here
Into the far flung blue
For now my hidden treasure lies
A dim and distant goal
And reaching it will once more cost
Me dear in heart and soul.

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