The Vampyre

Bitter is the bite
But the alloy in the blood
Is sweeter for the taste
When the flesh be lit with love
Deeper is the colour
And the contrast in the glow
As evening falls like velvet
In a whisper soft and low
Ruby are the lips
Drenched with poison
Dread with pain
Virgin is the memory
But harlot is the game
Deftly draws the touch
For the quill is slick of ink
And writes in words of knowing
Every stroke and every kink
Shallow is the breath
But the echo lingers long
Through chasm after chasm
In the dark we stumble on
Lost amongst the endlessness
And void of hollow thought
All are uninvited
Nothing given, nothing brought
Trespass like a sinner
Where the world shall never see
The innocent will suffer
As the Devil wanders free.

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