Don't Miss the Pennies

Don’t let a little rain
make you miss the pennies
Don’t let a little dirt
hide your joy
Don’t risk your lifetime
for a wishful moment
Don’t depend on others
to prevent your fall
See denim as a pleasure
only worn by ‘boys’
Be wretched, wrought and withered
in the daylight hours
Bounce back in twilight and
embrace those summer days
Don’t put your head away
because of other people’s calls
Enjoy thighs –
look upon them with your eyes
Embrace highs
as heady odours that come only
once upon a time
Dip and glide
Coast the daring rides
Come by
like sheep dogs heed the shepherd
Take sides when you must
but be ambiguous with strangers
Keep a twinkle in your eye –
tears or dust, it makes no difference
To others
you will be significant
Play house, but still be solvent
Be aroused, but still be innocent
Prevent yourself
from sliding into ignorance
In every noise you make
let there be resonance
Be found, but found not wanting
Be grand, but do not flaunt it
Saunter through the years
like age is a disguise
And never underestimate the
light you bring
Be all this, be timeless
But above all else, let laughter rise
And never, ever
Let a blind man pick your prize.

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