Conspiracy of Hearts

What is this
Conspiracy of hearts?
This bond they speak of
That is oil in every art
This union
Of unending years
And complementary parts
I long for
One such love that has no bounds
But wraps around the mind
With points of light
To shine
Into the distance
And enlighten holy ground
Where do we
Keep our memories and tears?
But shallow in
the slumber of our fears?
Or deep and dark unheard
Inside the silence of the years?
Why should we
Stop to love?
To blossom in the burnished sun
To sip on honeyed dew as evening comes
To bathe in rays of falling joy
And call upon a grace
That lights upon us from above
To once be part
Of this conspiracy of hearts
And give oneself
Entirely to its force
Is but the greatest
Sacrifice of will
And one we make without remorse.

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