Your Child

Your child shall light the day with mellow smiles
And laughs like fairy clouds
Shall bellow in a periwinkle sky
With dainty toes like gumdrops in a jar
Your child shall travel many miles
And never, in their slumber, know the time go by
And though we vault from hour to hour
To follow blind the race of Man
Your child shall stand beyond the crowd
And draw a line upon the sand
Your child shall hold you in their hand
And dry your tears when you are sad
Their lips destruct all ill-intent
With uttered, captive, pleasant sense
A murmur of inelegance, of restless, urgent honesty
A meagre need of great demand
What gives you strength to face the odds?
To face a land of fallen gods
What gives you fight to stand?
Your child, your child has made you glad
You child shall always be your child
With gleaming eyes like onyx pools
To see you when you are not you, to be and be for you
To heal you when the day is through
With smiles like ardent stars
That scintillate within a midnight hue
To break the rules, to turn their back,
Return the track, to make anew
Your child is many parts
Each part a point of you.

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